My own impressions of modern life of the Don Cossacks

All  this is just my personal opinion, so I do not claim them to be the ultimate truth
Cossacks and New Ukraine

Cossacks and New Ukraine

Why Russian Cossacks don't wish to support the new Ukrainian government? @ Image courtesy of Don Cossacks expressed the desire to take part in the armed struggle against the new Ukrainian government. A few days ago the Big Circle of the Don Cossacks...

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The Cossacks versus Pussy Riot

The Cossacks versus Pussy Riot

Confrontation between the Cossacks and Pussy Riot has a fairly long history though people in Russia seems to pay much less attention to all of the performances of Pussy Riot than in Europe and USA. If you don’t mind to spent some time searching the web you would...

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The Lost Cossack is my personal blog which focuses on history and modern life of the Don Cossacks. Russian Civil war of 1917 scattered the Don Cossacks worldwide. The main part of the Cossacks didn’t support the communists who had come to the power. Moreover, they became one of the foundation blocks of White army. It is enough to tell that the full Cossack division was created in my native town Uryupinsk which had the population of only 30 000. It means that the division was entered practically by all adult male part of the town. The Soviet power was established on the Don river only in the 1920th years. The fierce resistance caused severe repressions. Many of the Cossacks who didn’t manage to leave the native lands were shot or sent to Siberia.  Their property was confiscated. My parents managed to return to native places only after 1970.  Thus I was born far from the Don steppes. When we returned, it became clear that the main part of the population has nothing in common with the Cossacks.  I remember how my grandfather grumbled that there are more Cossacks in France or Argentina than here. After perestroyka in Russia when Communists lost their power the theme of the Don Cossacks became popular in some parts of Russian society.  There were atamans and the Cossack patrols as in old times.  The traditions seemed to revive.  A proposal to introduce the fundamentals of the Cossack education in schools was actively discussed in newspapers. It seemed that all forgot that the Cossack education was militarized and sharply nationalistic.  
The person who wasn’t born the Cossack, couldn’t become the Cossack even if he lived there all his life. It was bitterly and ridiculously for my grandfather  to observe how the people having nothing in common with the Cossacks, speak at meetings demanding to revive the Cossack privileges and the right to an autonomy for the Cossack lands. After a couple of visits to the meetings he delivered his verdict:   They are just another crooks to gain power and money. They don’t care about the Don Cossacks. They are thinking only about money. After this he lost any interest in social life, presented his cossack lash to me and  fiddled with his bees. He traded honey, took me on a fishing trips and refused to talk about the Cossacks. Then I had left my native places and went to study in Moscow.  Next time I have arrived already at the funeral of my grandfather. For many years I didn’t think about my ancestors. Only at the age of fifty I  more and more often began to recall my grandfather’s words. I’ll try to answer every questions that visitors may have via social media networks, and emails. I hope to turn it into a community based site where readers will be able to discuss history and modern problems of the Don Cossacks. If you do not find something on my site, use the contact form to suggest me.
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True books about the Cossacks

There many books about the Don Cossacks. But to my regret only few of them  are worth the time spent on reading
Fate of the cossack sculpture

Recommended films about The Cossacks

It is better to see one true film than to read  hundred pages in the web

Some photos of the Don Cossacks lands

Old cossack street

Old street in Uryupinsk

Just a few steps from the main square of Uryupinsk

Goats monument

The main square of old Cossack town

Forgotten Lenin's monument

In memory of one of the best Cossack's story in Soviet times - The fate of the man by Sholokhov

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