My ancestors lived on the Don river within 300 years. They proudly named themselves Don Cossacks. They grew up wheat, bred horses, took part in wars, gave birth to children. On Sundays they went to church.  And so till 1920 when going to church became dangerous. I well remember how my father was warned that he gets fired from work, if his mother (my grandmother) did not stop attending Church.

It is good that everything comes to an end sooner or later. Now our children can decide for themselves to go or not to go to Church.

I long treated religion skeptically (communist upbringing has not passed in vain). I was christened late, at the age of 30 years. It’s interesting that  I came to religion under the influence of the senior fellow workers in the research nuclear center.

 I can’t call myself an exemplary Christian, but I am the Don Cossack and I’m very glad that my children have returned to the old tradition and take pleasure in visiting Church. I hope that in our cruel time the belief in God will help children to remain the real people and will hold them from the bad acts.